Prestige Cruises Website Launched

Welcome to the new website of Prestige Cruises!

In a country more than 7,100 islands, the vision of Prestige Cruises is to be strong force in the maritime transport industry. This shall include tour cruise services, marine transportation and port terminal development.

Prestige Cruises aims to establish itself as a prime mover in the Manila Bay area and possibly extend this model into developing other key areas in the country delivering premiere quality dining cruise experiences and essential marine transport services.

All crew are guided by the company’s beacons: to satisfy 100 percent of the time, to stimulate and nurture a positive corporate culture, to improve fleet management and resource utilization and to provide a fair economic return to corporation and crew.

Prestige Cruises is confident that with the mobilization of the existing fleet partnered with the dedication of crew and management, the company’s goal of becoming a major player in the development of maritime based tourism services and ferry services is achievable.

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